New Upgrades At Our Facility

New Upgrades At Our Facility
January 11, 2021 No Comments Uncategorized drewbeane

This past weekend, friends of Tri State Baseball Association & members of the organization worked to upgrade & enhance the facility for our WVBC clients & team members.

Installing the new lighting in the WV Baseball Club facility.

State Electric generously donated new LED lighting to brighten up the building & make training more efficient.

State Electric generously donated 12 new, 18,000 lumens lighting fixtures to our organization!

We also upgraded & enhanced our video surveillance & security system, allowing off-site remote access as well as upgrading the cameras to give us both interior & exterior, unobstructed views.

After seaming the new top net together with the perimiter net, the enclosure begins to lift.

Then we installed a new top net to prevent damage being done to the facility ceiling & back wall.

Coach Jason Holmes 20 feet high, in the lift securing the retention lines.
The facility seems a lot bigger when you’re 20′ in the air!

After many months of careful planning, we were able to bring it all together this past weekend & give our clients & team members a cleaner, brighter & more secure facility!

The final, finished product!

WV Baseball Club, Hounds Baseball & Tri-State Baseball Association are now back open for business!

Thank you to our team: Brandon Ramsey, Jason Holmes, Caleb Stewart, Scott Schumate, Dylan Shockley, Bobby Young, Mike Long, & Drew Beane for the round the clock efforts this weekend

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